Friday, April 30, 2010

What Leaders Tweeted This Week (Week of 4.26.10)

Here are what ed leaders have tweeted this week. Thanks for leading and learning.

@jorech Thanks for your input on "What Blogs Should Administrators Be Reading"
@jeffekirby Courageous Leadership
@ericconti RT@angeliqueinva Teachers Ought To Tweet
@Ed_Leadership Read the Digital Edition of EL's provocative May 2010 issue on changes to the teaching profession:
@kycommissioner Interesting article from AASA daily brief concerning minorities enrolled in charter schools in NYC
@ACinIowa:#WINS Blocking SM sites like FB, YouTube, Twitter, etc., is like teachng kids n shop class about hammers w/o giving them nails.
@RonnieGonzalez @NMHS_Principal If schools don't take the opportunity 2 teach our students about social media and digital citizenship, then who will? #WINS
@WiscPrincipal In Shake-Up, Principals May Get More Say Over What Is Taught -
@mwedwards RT @mjgormans: Stdnts won't solve 2morow's probs with tools of 2day, but 2days tools do faciltate skills stdnts will need in their 2morrow!
@pjhiggins Steven Covey's foray into the crisis in education:
@tgwynn @edtechsteve Makes me sad when people end things instead of taking the time to understand it, or even join in.
@dpeter From Google Reader: Aren't Schools Supposed to Help Students Change the World?
@phsprincipal The need for personal glory while folding oneself into the "what is best for the good of all" is the downfall of many! That Brutus! #mrogle
@chuck_Bell_ The Window: Here's to Teachers or How to Improve Education: via @addthis
@fliegs @EduTechSmith @averyteach I do believe we as principals need to model and share with our staff. @bhsprincipal may be doing this #edchat
elem_principal How can Admin do better? RT @akenuam: need quality admin, my principal made everyone feel at fault instead of empowered to change. #edchat
@baldy7 New Post: The Personalization of my PLN (with mobile tools)
@johnccarver @DeronDurflinger Oregon DE signs landmark deal w/ google #vanmeter #i11i #edchat #education #google
@edReformer What we're talking about when we're talking about learning on @edreformer these days:
@clindhol Superintendent using blog to support PLC work in the community.
@21stprincipal Poster makes sense, "Running schools like business is not the answer."
@ChadRatcliff Excellent piece by @pammoran: "Learning Leadership Lessons: Culture, People, Determination"
@bjnichols Leadership 2.0 #leadership
@principaldavies Innovative joint venture between my school and local college to support students: email me 4 info
@principalwells VT not applying for "Race to the Top" Commissioner Vilaseca states "The focus of Race to the Top is not aligned with our statewide approach"
@8Amber8 used wth k-5, its GR8!! RT @aaallain: CyberSmart! Education Company also offers a free K-12 Student Curriculum
@tee62 I was reminded today just how energizing, rewarding and exhausting a first grade classroom can be!
@NMHS_Principal Thanks PLN! Banning NOT the answer: my interview w/ 1010WINS in response to NJ MS Principal
@sfree23 Had fun skyping with one of my 4th grade classes today! Can't wait to get more classes on board!
@bestofclass @dlourcey if leadership does not embrace there is little hope. We will not get different results if we continue with the doing the same
@kylepace Building a Strong Network Starts with a Foundation: (by @hrmason) #edtech #edchat
@innovativeEdu The Innovative Educator discusses harnessing the power of cells even when they're banned happening in 5 mins
@web20classroom Another Great @CommonCraft Video I'm using today: Protecting Reputations Online:
@tomwhitby PLN : When standardized test scores assess TEST PREPARATION and not learning, the students may pass, but the system FAILS.

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