Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How are You Paying Attention?

Watch this spectacular video about the Shift happening in one school district

Assessment and Reflection:

Needs Assessment.Compass What call to action is happening in your school and district to leverage the power of the real-time web, social media. How are you as a principal or superintendent embracing the digital age? Are you staying connected with teachers, students, and other leaders?  How are you leading new behaviors and eliminating dried-up status quo thinking? How are you learning about the new generation of digital learners? Are you creating an environment that encourages students and teachers to “power-up”? Are 21st century conversations happening around skills, concepts, and themes? Is there a plan with clearly delineated action steps that align to national and state standards of assessment?

Has the shift begun? Or are there still barriers without working solutions? Is this conversation taking place in your district? in your school? If so, how? If not, what needs to be in place for this conversation to begin?

Be relevant, not obsolete.

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